Thursday, February 16, 2006

Say What?

I am thinking about adding a new recurring theme to my blog, which will make it a bit more interactive as well as minimize the amount of thought I need to put into writing a post. So here is my trial run of my new recurring theme: Say What?

Here's how it works. I will post a picture every Thursday night/Friday so that you can sit at your desk on Friday and kill time trying to come up with a caption more retarded (or clever, you witty bastards) than mine. Post your own caption(s) in the "Comments." The person with the best caption wins absolutely nothing, but at least you weren't working. Enjoy:

Now that my chances for a medal are gone, I guess I can finally pee in my helmet.


Anonymous said...

A new take on the masterbation technique "the stanger."


Eddo said...

Here's what i have to say about that run: "HAH - Hard-on-in A Helmet"

pogue said...

Apparently that's not what they meant by Giant Slalom.

Catheter Man said...