Thursday, February 23, 2006

Say What?

Some solid attempts at a caption last week...I gotta give the nod to Pogue for his contribution. Since I actually got some replies, I figured I'd bring it back again this week, so here is the second installment of "Say What?". Please add your own caption(s) in the Comments, you witty bastards.

Researchers in the North Pole were greatly discouraged when a routine dig accidentally hit Santa's septic tank.


The J Man said...

In preparation for her new role in Ice Age 2, Queen Latifah takes a dip in the Arctic waters.

(This was my second attempt)

Anonymous said...

After seeing what was clogging Mrs. Rosenberg's pool, the employees of J-Man's pool company decided to call it a day and head to Hooters.


gman said...

she's got dumps like a truck.

Catheter Man said...

So she says to me, "What's that, a gorilla in your shirt?" and I say, "No. Its my chest."

Mike said...

Ohhh...Just the tip. Just the tip.