Monday, February 06, 2006

Some Sports Tidbits

Here's a few tidbits I just thought I'd throw out there, and what better time for such a post than the day after the Super Bowl:

  • Didn't the whole Jerome Bettis thing seem just a little too perfect this Super Bowl. I mean, he walks up there and gives this speech that "The Bus's Last Stop is in Detroit." I swear I've seen something like this before. I just don't know why they stopped there...the lights should have dimmed, "I Am a Real American" should have started pumping over the sound system, and the Bus should have ripped off his Super Bowl T-Shirt and given all his fans one last flex pose.
  • OK, this is an odd coincidence. A few days ago, Nomar Garciaparra announces that he is not going to participate in the World Baseball Classic for Mexico because he wants to focus on changing positions for his new team, the Dodgers. And what's they announce that 2 players will randomly be tested following every WBC game? Yeah, that pretty much seals it for me. Nomar is so juiced up, I'll bet Mia Hamm even tests positive for steroids (fill in your own filthy conclusions)
  • How sick are the Detroit Pistons? They lose Larry Brown (who is obviously a coaching genius, worth all the fuss he caused) and they are still the best team in the NBA right now. Their top 6 players are ridiculous and this is all despite having Darko "Yes, I actually was drafted before Carmelo and Dwayne Wade" Milicic on the team.
  • Obviously, there were some bad calls in the Super Bowl that may have affected the outcome of the game (the Offensive Pass Interference call on Darrell Jackson in the endzone or the holding call on the pass to the 2 yard line), but the technical foul call in the FSU-Duke game is just another example that makes me wonder just how much money the NCAA gets from Duke University each year to make sure they don't lose. I mean, this team gets 5 McDonald's All-Americans every year and they get all the calls too?! Suspending those officials one'll really throw us off the scent.
  • And I'd also like to add that I am really psyched about Warren Moon getting inducted into the Hall of Fame on his first attempt. Aside from the fact that he was my favorite player growing up (the guy threw for 300+ yards every game, who wouldn't be a fan), that I have about 6 of his rookie card and his signature on two plaques, and that he beat his wife, this guy threw for more yards than any other quarterback in the history of FOOTBALL and somehow never seems to get mentioned in the same breath as Dan Marino and John Elway. Hopefully, this will help.

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