Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pass the Charmin

I prefer Charmin Extra Soft toilet paper, yet my girlfriend is opposed to it. Not sure why? Most of the time I win because I get the giant 48 pack at Costco before she even realizes we're running low and then she has to deal with it for the next five months. However, this go round I dropped the ball and she ended up picking up some quilted one-ply bullshit that now sits in our bathroom.

And it got me to thinking...why do they even make one-ply? Are people really that cheap? Or stupid? Yeah you get twice as much TP in length, but I have a strict minimum number of plys that must be between my hand and my ass. If I have to fold it over twice as much to get to that quota, I will do just that. Screw you Cotonelle! Ain't no way there's gonna be only one thin ply between me and a stink palm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, but the J-man must truly like having lint bunnies kissn and clingn to his balls.