Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Twas the Night Before Vegas

And I just can not wait,
For the Round of 16 and then Elite 8.

My bags were packed, three nights I would stay,
Next stop for those bags is the Mandalay Bay.

It's almost 11 and soon I'll be in bed,
With visions of blackjacks and covering the spread.

Let's not forget roulette and possibly craps,
And of course there's the Captain and whatever's on tap.

As I doze off to sleep, I can just hear the ringing,
It sure ain't Santa, it's old people winning.

They love the slots, though I'll steer clear,
But who am I to judge, it's all good here.

I'll sit for six hours and try to get comped,
But that bastard at the Palms will stiff me again and I'll have to pay for a steak and eggs with cash...which really sucks.

That last part didn't rhyme, but it really got me pissed,
Just think of all the fun that most of you missed.

Then it's on to the pool, my favorite place to be,
Because someone else is cleaning it, yep, not me.

I'll take in the rays as well as the view,
Don't try and judge me, you know you will too.

So wish me Bon Voyage as I head on my trip,
New Christmas for me is right on The Strip.

Where it's beer and sun and a gambler's delight,
So without further ado, I bid you good night.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it took you the full 3 days to come up w/ that one?


The J Man said...

Actually, only took me about 30 minutes. I'm like freakin' Shel Silverstein.