Friday, March 31, 2006

Off to NYC

Just as my liver had finally returned to proper size, it is time for me to jump on a plane for another weekend of excessive drinking and stupidity. This weekend is my buddy Scott's bachelor party and since his brother and bestman, Kirk, lives in NYC, and I hear it's an OK place to go, we've decided to take the party north.

The plan as of now is pretty low key, so that may bode well for the J-Man's stomach. I'll provide a recap of some of the highlights...with the exception of Scott receiving an "Unhappy Gorilla" from a stripper...when I get back on Monday. Enjoy your weekends.

And, yes, I just made up the term "Unhappy Gorilla" as I was writing, but I have some ideas of what it could be, and it's filthy.

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