Thursday, September 21, 2006

Full Circle, Part Duece

Just over 6 months ago, a bout of bad luck began for me that included people hitting my car, damage to my work vehicles, an unexpected cell. phone outage, the need for all new car tires, and a terrible outing to Vegas that saw me end up down $1400...and of course, you know what happened after that.

So here we are, the jaw is healing, I survived a three day weekend without injury, my car is apparently working fine (please god), and I am a mere 4 hours away from a plane trip taking me to none other than Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have come full circle. The bad luck is now behind me. I believe the town of Las Vegas owes me $1400 and this Jew is starting his new year (Tova Rosh Hashannah) off right. A new beginning is upon us. Viva Las Vegas, bitches.

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