Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why I Should Move to Hollywood

Well, if the creation of the show "Joey" wasn't bad enough (my version would have been better)...Hollywood has gone and stolen another one of my ideas.

Not more than three weeks ago, Kupe, Kevin and I were discussing random shit when we came up with this winning joke, but really saw nowhere specifically that it could be used.

In reference to playing golf
Guy #1: Man, that guy is really bad at golf. What's his handicap?
Guy #2: Down syndrome

And then, I'm watching SNL last night and I see the previews for "My Name is Earl" and this exchange:

Some Guy: How many birdies did you hit?
Fat Guy: 12
Some Guy: That guy hit twelve birdies? What's his handicap?
Earl: Nothing, he's just a little slow.

Ridiculous. Again, my version would have been better.

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