Friday, November 18, 2005

Renewing My Dork Membership

With all the football I've been playing and watching lately, perhaps I have started to get away from my roots. The sporty jock thing is great and all, but deep down, I'm a huge dork. I've already mentioned that I went to a nerdy school and I went to see the Star Wars movie in a previous post. Plus, I'm writing this blog, so the dorkiness is still alive. However, it appeared as if my membership in the society of dorks was starting to drop to the levels of my membership in the religion of Judaism (I think I'm down to just Hannukah and Matzoh Ball soup now), so it needed a bigtime boost.

And what have we here...a new Harry Potter movie? The fourth installment...and I have seen and own the previous three. I wouldn't possibly go see it on opening day, would I? And I certainly wouldn't go to see it all by myself, would I? A Harry Potter movie on opening day, all by myself!!!!

I think I just extended my membership for 1 more year.

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DeCoMpOsEd said...

i saw a screening of it...awesome movie..