Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Remixes

I don't usually go on rants in my blog, but I figured I'd put this one down since I've been thinking about it a good bit. Plus, when I get good ideas (like having a spin-off of Friends with Joey in it only), I want it to be known by more than 3 people (should have written my own pilot)before it really happens and is butchered from what would have worked.

So anyway, I'm listening to the radio alot the last few days since I've been working out on the road, trying to resolve some of the tougher jobs my employees are unable to fix, and I realized something.

The 70's had Disco. The 80's had Pop. The 90's had grundge. And here we are 5 years into the 00's and what do we have?

Crap. That's what we have. It's like all the musicians just stopped caring about the quality of music that they put out, concerned more with the image they were projecting than the actual product. I blame MTV...and American Idol. Force feed people enough of something and they will eventually like it...that's a psychological phenomenon, and the record execs are counting on it. Don't believe me...look at Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. No talent, lots of airtime, lots of image. But I'm not above it. I'll listen to 99.5. What choice do I have? But, it's not all crap.

So, I propose that now that we're falling into the back end of the decade, a strong movement be made towards something we can all get behind. What style of music is that?

The Remix

Everything is being redone. Movies. TV Shows. Hell, even the President is a remix. No one can come up with new music, so grab some of the old shit and bring it up to date with some new background beats, maybe a quick rap by Eve (she seems to be on every song) or Jay-Z...and we're good to go. This is the age of computers, use 'em.

And where do you start?

It seems obvious to me...Michael Jackson. This guy is hurting for cash, can't come up with a new hit as his last couple albums proved, but the old songs are still solid. I'm no P.Diddy, but if I was in the "business" I'd be on the phone with MJ seeing if he wants to do a remixes and mashups album a la Linkin Park/Jay-Z "Collision Course", then I'd be on the phone with those two, the above mentioned Eve, Gwen Stefani, Eminem (of course), The Game (for street cred...and not 50 Cent because I hate his rapping), and Rob Thomas (some one has to redo the Paul McCartney duets), plus some others...and here's what you get.

"Reconstructing Neverland" (Catchy title, I know...and deep on so many levels)
1) Linkin Park - Beat It (think of the beats...silly)
2) Jay-Z w. Beyonce - Dirty Diana (it just seemed like the right fit, plus the two of them should do something would be nice)
3) Rob Thomas - Say, say, say (duh)
4) Eve - Human Nature (I think she's already done it)
5) Gwen Stefani - Black or White (it has that odd beat she seems to work with)
6) The Game - Rock With You (he seems to use old school beats)
7) Eminem - They Don't Care About Us (I'm pretty sure Eminem used these lyrics in one of his songs already)
8) Justin Timberlake - Pick a song...I mean seriously.
9) Usher - Billie Jean (pretty damned obvious choice to me...and think of the video)
10) John Mayer - The Way You Make Me Feel (this one's for the ladies)
11) Linkin Park (again) - Another Part of Me (This is the one I'd really like to hear)
12) 2Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, and Left Eye - Man in the Mirror (They'll find a way)

I know I'd buy this CD. And if you don't think it would work, go talk to Alien Ant Farm.

Let the decade of Remixes and Mashups begin.

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Catheter Man said...

Oh my god! I totally forgot about They Don't Care About Us. Great song. Come to think of it, Dangerous was a damn fine album.