Monday, July 18, 2005

Let It Ride

A solid Friday night for me to begin last weekend. Our football team, fresh off a disappointing 21-6 loss to start the new season, bounced back with an impressive 22-6 beating of a somewhat athletic team. The highlights for this game had to be our recovery of a missed field goal to set up an easy TD; two safeties; an 8-catch game for me, including a 30 yard bomb; and one of their defensive lineman popping off this winner towards my brother, Kevin, after he evaded a sack to throw to me:

DL: Man, I had you. That is some bullshit.
Kevin: You didn't have me, I threw it before you got my flag.

(and the obvious next line)

DL: Fuck you, N&*$#. I'll cut you.

(What!!??? Did someone forget to take their medication. This is rec football?!)

This lineman was weird to begin with...he kept snapping his fingers right in front of our O-lineman's face, and came over to chuck me off the line at one point and did the same thing.

Glad we beat those punks. This could be the start of something good.

Let It Ride.

On to some Hold 'em Poker down at my buddy, Scott's, place. We're playing a $20 buy-in tournament and within 2 hands, my friend, Dave, has already been taken out, by two big wins for my other friend, Langley. Langley has now doubled up his stack, plus some and we've barely begun. Never a good sign...

But then his luck changes and my luck continues from earlier. I knock out three straight players and now I'm the chip leader with only Greg and Langley (who has been nursing his chips since the quick start) left to play. Greg makes some bold all in move at the wrong time and he's reeling as I flip over my Ace/King and push him out of the tourney. Did I mention only the top two get money? That'll be Greg's trend for the remainder of the night, but I digress.

Langley's just not getting the hands and soon I've got him all in and the cash is mine. Victory is mine again.

Let it Ride.

We play two more Tourneys before the night is done and low and behold, I pull out another victory over Kupe, as Greg settles for a solid no-pay, third-place finish. Victory is mine once again...but will it hold for my next sporting event.

Let it Ride.'s Monday night. We have not won one game (except by forfeit) and we are matched up against the worst team in the league. This should be the easiest victory of them all. We've even got our tall Tim Duncan look alike back playing with us. And then they show up...four of them. You need five to play a full game, we've gone over this in a previous blog. So, we bitch slap these punks (well, not really but this is my blog and that's how I'm gonna remember this) for the whole first half...and it's over. By forfeit. Mother Fuckers. That was so unsaaattiiisssffyyyyiinnnggg. (Rounders)

Again, victory is ours. We have the win and have secured the 7th place seed going into the playoffs next week. But I did take a viscious elbow to the nose and mouth during this worthless game. And now as I sit here, my nose is throbbing (it stopped bleeding about 10 minutes after the game) and my head hurts.

Though I feel like I crapped out. I'm still in the game. Until Friday....

Let it Ride.

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smoke some'll get rid of your headache