Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Let it Ride Some More

The lucky streak least with the poker. In football on Friday, we lost to a bunch of ghetto punks (lots of smack talk and hootin and hollering) since my bro had to play on a bad ankle and tossed 5 INTs...though they only won, 14-6, and we had a bullshit call overturn a TD for us. In basketball, we took the #2 ranked team to OT with only a 5-man team, only to lose by 1. I had a game winning shot opportunity with 5 secs on the clock, but hit back rim. But let's not dwell on the down times...the poker streak is continuing.

I won a $20 buy-in tourney with 7 other guys at my buddy, Langley's, place last night, pocketing $100. Yeah, I know, poker on a Tuesday night?!! I'm a bit dead right now since I didn't get to sleep til late and it's about 150 degrees outside and I was working out in it. I have never sweat so much in my life. (I really wish this was a Family Guy episode so I could pan away to a time when I would have sweat more...i.e, the time I let Apollo train me so that I could beat up Mr. T)

Back to Poker. It wasn't an easy win, though I jumped out to an early lead and more or less hung around playing conservatively while the numbers dropped a bit. Late in the tourney, I had some highlight moments.

Highlight #1 (perhaps not 100% accurate): Dealt a K, 9 suited (spades). Bidding is minimal for the first round, so I hang around. Two more spades (one's the ace, other is a low card) come up on the flop and I don't pair up with the third card (want to say it's a 6) I'm sitting flush draw. Bidding is still minimal which makes me happy, since it appears no one has a pair of aces. After the betting, there's three of us left. Turn is a 9, so I've got a pair, which could be the high pair, and still a shot at the flush. Edwin goes all-in with the short stack, then Pogue comes back over the top with the call and sizable raise. Not sure what he has, but his stack is more valuable to me than Edwin's, so I hope to buy his portion with an all-in of my own. (good move...????) HE FUCKING CALLS. (...probably not) But you already know what happens...he flips over his two pair, Edwin flips over his pocket spades (queen high) and I'm praying for a spade. And god delivers. Nut flush.

Highlight #2: I've got two pair off the flop, I bet big each go round, and I've got a small stack left after the river. I'm in a head-to-head with Carter and he's got much more chips than me. There's a possible straight draw on the table now...and that's got me questioning what to do. Then Carter calls me all-in. Lots o' money in the pot and I've got two pair. But is it enough?? Not for me. I fold it...and live to fight another hand. (Carter had the straight)

And I did fight another hand, went all-in and doubled up a couple times, re-established myself as the chip leader and bullied the other final two (Langley & Carter) until they were forced to take all-ins with less than spectacular hands. Victory was mine and the luck continues.

Let it Ride.

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otter said...

I won a 27 person tournament last night. go me.