Friday, March 25, 2005


I hadn't seen quesadillas since college, where I used to meet up with her at 3 AM at the Davidson outpost (late night food) after a night of drinking. Back then it was simply cheese and tortilla...dipped in salsa for a little added flavor. I didn't really love quesadillas, but she was one of the only things around at 3 AM, so I grew to like her. After college, though, we kinda lost touch. It wasn't that I forgot about her, it's just calling for Chinese food was easier, so I got sidetracked.

Last year, luckily, my roommate, Greg, reintroduced me to quesadillas. She had changed a little bit...he liked her with salsa inside the tortilla. He also liked eating black beans, so I guess they seemed like a good match, but all the ingredients were in the fridge, so I figured I'd help myself every so often. Man, I had forgotten how good quesadillas could be. The new quesadilla was just as good, if not better. Hot salsa was a new twist. But I wanted to make up for lost time.
Ground beef, chicken, steak pieces...I gave her all your standard Mexican fillings, and now I had a job to support her. It's like we had never been apart. And things were good.

Well, last September, I moved into a new place. I took quesadillas with me, but I'm sure Greg still sees her on occassion. I'm cool with that, I really can't be too overbearing with a Mexican dish anyway.

It's been seven months that I've been living with quesadillas, at one point, I had quesadillas for lunch four straight days. But recently, things have been a bit stale. Am I getting bored with quesadillas? The flaky tortilla outside? The hot gooey cheesy middle, with a hint of salsa? I needed something new, but I didn't know what...and then I saw it.

Breakfast quesadilla.

Ham, egg, tomato and cheese in a quesadilla? Delicious. I've been living inside the box about this quesadilla thing for far too long. No wonder I got bored. But now I've got big plans for quesadillas...oh, and these are pretty tasty.

Italian Cold Cut Quesadilla - Cheddar, Provolone, Ham, Turkey, Genoa Salami

PB & J Quesadilla - a little gooey but solid none the less.

Crab meat & Gouda cheese Quesadilla - A Maryland favorite, with a dash of Old Bay

And then it hit me. Screw meals, quesadilla can be a dessert.

This afternoon, I put a Nestle Crunch bar in between two tortillas, and it was awesome! I've got a roll of Rolos and a Nestle's Peanut Butter cup just waiting, and at some point I'm gonna figure out how to put apple and cinnamin in there too. We're getting kinky now.

Looks like me and quesadillas have a bright future, and the sky's the limit. And the best part, a bag of torillas is $2.

If you have seen quesadillas served with something else inside, let me know.

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