Tuesday, March 22, 2005

NCAA Tourney

Who is the marketing genius who turned an athletic tournament between 65 academic institutions (of 1000s) into a money-making wonderland and 3-week-long Vegas holiday?
I went to Davidson College, and they're not in the NCAA tournament. Nonetheless, I have risked almost $300 (which is probably peanuts compared to some people I know) gambling on schools I have never heard of. Heck, I haven't even been to their state. I don't watch Big Ten basketball...I couldn't even tell you who the Big 12 are. Why is University of Vermont, UVM...that's fucking gay?

My buddy, Zack, paid money to watch all the games on DirectTV. And I sat there next to him like a dumb ass. He went to Colgate...they weren't in the tournament either.

Last year, about 20 buddies of mine and I went to Vegas to lose money and to celebrate this new holiday. Most of them went to William & Mary College...not in the Tourney.

This year, we couldn't go because the prices for the Casino room were jacked up and the Hard Rock was sold out...for a Thursday?? In March?? Pittsnogle!!

Next year, screw CBS. Screw sportsbook.com. Screw Vegas.

But for now, who thinks Duke at -4.5 is a good bet over Michigan State??

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