Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 10: Eat Me

I think it's been about 2 months since I put up a Top 10 List, and it probably would have been another two months if not for Kupe putting up one on his blog. So, with the Super Bowl just around the corner and the strong possibility that I'm going to receive the forwarded email about the amount of guacamole consumed by the US on Super Bowl Sunday, I bring to you my stupidest list yet:

The Top 10 Foods I Really Don't Eat Often Enough
10. Cheetohs - These things are so damned good, but I guess the fear of Cheetoh fingers keeps me from picking them up more often
9. Jambalaya - It's even nice to say it, but I can't even remember the last time I had some.
8. Chicken Pot Pie - I remember this being on the Elementary School lunch menu about once every two weeks, now it's never on my menu. I mean, it's pie and it's a meal...why do I not eat it more.
7. Ginger Ale - Well, it's not actually a food, but when was the last time you got a Ginger Ale? And why don't they offer it at any restaurants?
6. Croissants - I would have to say that this may be the only food that I would consider to be "feminine" and perhaps that's why I never seem to get it at the grocery store.
5. Celeste Pizza - These things are only $1 each and yet I am still not eating them?!
4. Apple Sauce - Man, this stuff is great. I used to eat a whole bowl of it at a time when I was a kid, and with Potato Latkes around Hannukah. Maybe I stopped eating it because it resembles baby food?
3. Popcicles - I eat a good bit of ice cream, but I always seem to steer clear of your run of the mill popcicles. Hell, I don't even eat the one's with the cream middle any more. Do they still make them?
2. Salami - My grandma is probably turning over in her grave. I don't think I've had a salami on rye in like 8 months...and it's arguably one of the easiest sandwiches to make.
1. English Muffins - With all those nooks and crannies. It's quite possibly the best dough product out there and I can't even remember the last time I had one. I am going to the store right now and making myself an English Muffin for dinner. Come on, Thomas! Get your act together and start promoting your god damned muffins again before these Eggo bastards take over breakfast for good!

And you are all dumber for having read this.

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