Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why am I not in the entertainment industry?

OK, first I came up with the idea of having Joey from Friends have a spinoff show where he went to California (my version would have been better) and then I said that Transformers and GI Joe needed to have full length movies made for the people of my generation to attend (GI Joe is coming in '09). And then, back in 2005, I proclaimed that this generation's music was characterized by "remixes" and that to culminate this trend, a Michael Jackson remix album needed to be made. And sure enough, here we are, with the Thriller 25 album a week away from being released and, what do you know, 5 remixed versions of the songs. Having heard them already, again, I think my version would have been better.

So if you want to know what's gonna be cool in the next couple years, just keep reading my blog apparently. Hell, I predicted the strong return of the mohawk.

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