Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Things That Suck 2

Once again, I think I'll rant about something that really sucks.

Has anyone been to the Burger King at Montgomery Mall recently? Or perhaps it is just Burger Kings, in general? This place is located in the corner down by Sears and right next to a giant children's play area (don't even get me started on how much that sucks) and I swear this part of the mall is where people come to die. The rest of the mall seems bright and cheerful, especially with all of the Christmas decorations up now. However, when you venture closer to this corner, partially hidden by the escalators and Ice Cream of the Future stand, all that is good seems to be sapped from your soul.

And the main source of this horror is that stinking Burger King. I used to go here back in high school and always remember it being somewhat on the dirty side, but now it's just gotten comical. Homeless people sit randomly around the seats, an odd hispanic woman wanders the soda machine and condiments area, as I walk up to the register to order.

And then I wait.

And then I wait some more.

And then I here some guy flirting in Spanish with two women behind the large metallic wall of grills and other Burger making bullshit. And then I wait some more.

Sweet Jesus...finally the guy comes around the corner, obviously surprised to have any business. I place my order, get my ticket stub and move down to fill my soda, dodging the Spanish lady, who I assume has some mental illness because she's talking to herself and shaking slightly.

My chicken sandwich comes shooting down the metallic serving slide a few minutes later (like she couldn't just hand it to the guy?) and he starts bagging it up. Then he reaches for the fries in the bin and starts trying to scoop them up. HUH? I just waited for 5 minutes for the sandwich after waiting another 5 or more minutes to even place my order, and he's trying to give me fries that were sitting there the whole time. The King would not be proud. After I explained that this is not how it's going to go down, I'm waiting for another 5 minutes for fresh fries, before rapidly exiting the premises, every ounce of joy, hope, and love sucked from my being.

Perhaps these people sitting randomly around were not homeless people after all, but had just sat in this dungeon for too long that they had no will left to go on with their normal lives. Needless to say, I must avoid this area of the mall from now on. Hell, it even sucked the life out of Sam Goody, a once flourishing store that sat just across the way. Man, does that place suck.

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