Monday, October 02, 2006

Brain Farts 6

Well, there's a lot of little things that I've seen over the last couple days that I really couldn't put all of them into one real post. So, as I've done in the past, I'll just throw them all together in a big jumble and call it a Brain Fart....not quite as fulfilling as the full shit, but still funny.

  • So, after being on for two weeks and finally getting my braces taken off from the jaw injury last week, I decided it was time to see about setting up to meet one or two of these girls. One girl in particular mentioned her love of the Red Sox on her profile and even goes so far as to say that she has slept in her hat for luck in the past. Those of you that know me, know that I am a Yankee fan and crazed Red Sox fans are always amusing to a kid brother who wants to be like the big kids but isn't quite old enough yet. Anyway, despite the obvious conflict which may ensue if she is, in fact, a Red Sox fanatic and discovers I'm a Yankee fan, I decide to write to her and eventually end up meeting up with her last week. She lives in Arlington and since I don't get out in that area all that often, I let her decide where we should go. And where does she decide? A sports bar in Ballston that I've only been to once see the Yankees beat the Red Sox in the 2003 ALCS Game 7 on an extra-innings Aaron Boone homerun, putting them in the World Series. You can't write these kind of coincidences.
  • My brother had a party at his place last weekend, so I decided to head over and hang out with his crew. We end up heading out to Bethesda late night and these two girls that he knows end up coming with us. They're both shitfaced from drinking and watching Notre Dame earlier in the day, so it's a big gong show as we roll into Caddies. At one point, one of the girls has been surrounded by some Indian guys that she's talking to, so her friend decides to grab her and pull her grabbing the back of her pants. She ends up reaching far down the girl's pants and almost gives herself a stink palm, which leads to this winning line from the girl that got pulled. "Holy Crap, I think I just got a colonoscopy. I'm pretty sure I owe somebody a co-pay." I almost pissed my pants.
  • Finally, yesterday, my buddies and I headed to the Redskins-Jaguars game as our annual Redskins game trip. The game itself was amazing, but what made it even more amazing is that when I bought my first beer, the guy who sold it to me told me to keep the cup and bring it back to him, and he'd keep filling it. Unsure as to what he meant, I said, "for free?" to which he gave me a grin and head nod. Ike and Catheter Man encountered the same exchange when they separately bought their own beers, and Catheter Man made the first refill attempt. Cup filled...cost: $0. Needless to say, nothing makes me more excited than free beer (well, ass dimples do) so it's open season on pounding beers. 5 beers for $13 (I tipped him, of course) at a football game?? God bless that man.

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