Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Would You Rather Be...

"An alcoholic or chubby?" (overweight, but not morbidly overweight)

I heard this one on the radio today and they were going to say what percentage of people chose one over the other, but I ended up getting out of the car before I heard the answer. I guessed that it would be like 70/30 in favor of the alcoholic (which is what I would choose), but what would you go with?

Both will kill you in the long term, but at least with the alcoholic, you can be physically active until your liver gives out. They both cost alot, what with the food and liquor bills, so that's sort of a wash. As far as the ladies go, Nicholas Cage was able to pull Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas, so that gives hope for the alkie. Fatties have a bit more trouble, though Professor Clump did pull both Jada Pinkett and Janet Jackson in the Nutty Professors, so there's still a chance there.

Well, there's some pros and cons for each, but I'm still sticking with my gut (no pun intended) and going with the boozing over the feasting.


Tinkerhell said...

Looking at all the chubby-plus people I see walking around these days, I think more people would choose being fat vs. being a drunk. I mean, they've already chosen to be chubby, right?

Also, if you're fat vs. a drunk, there's less chance you'll kill someone while driving, lose your family and friends, be fired from your job, be broke, or homeless. Sure, you can still pull a prostitute if you're drunk, but then again, so can anyone else, right?

Interesting topic.

Catheter Man said...

Why not both?

The J Man said...

"Why not both?"

See Chris Farley