Thursday, April 13, 2006

Show me the money

Last night, my mom gives me a call because she was looking through the Gazette and saw my name along with my old address in Germantown on an advertisement for unclaimed property. At first, I'm thinking this is some sort of scam, but the list has like 100,000 names on it, so this would be a very elaborate scam.

So, this morning, I call the number that was listed with all the info. and ask the lady I speak with what it is that I have unclaimed. After verifying my identity, she informs me that it is likely a refund on an overpayment of my property taxes back when I lived in Germantown...and that the amount is OVER $1000!!!!!


So, I went online and printed out the forms that I have to send to the government to claim this money. And within a few short weeks (or months...this is the government we're talking about) I'll be getting a fatty check for this money I never knew I was owed. What a solid find!

If you wanna see if you're owed money by the state of Maryland, you can go search for yourself at under the unclaimed property section.


Anonymous said...

That will put a dent in the the solid drubbing your finances took over the last month or so (vegas, car, etc)


gman said...

great tip. my sister is owed 500.